We recently announced the Kentico MVPs for 2024 over on kentico.com 🥳.

Seeing as how this is the Kentico Community Portal, I thought it would be nice to also welcome them over here, among their community peers.

Welcome our two newest Kentico MVPs, Elmar Höfinghoff and Michael Eustace 👋.

And, congratulations to all the folks who were re-awarded the MVP recognition from 2023!

  • Wesley McChristian
  • Brian McKeiver
  • Roel Kuik
  • Mike Wills
  • Trevor Fayas
  • Jeroen Fürst
  • Liam Goldfinch
  • Dmitry Bastron
  • Andy Thompson

All of their details can be found over on the Kentico MVP Program page.

Kevin says Yes enthusiastically

If you are interested in becoming a Kentico MVP for 2025, now is the perfect time to learn about our MVP Program.

We welcome applications from anyone excited 🤩 about Xperience by Kentico with digital marketing or technical knowledge (or both), who also wants to share that knowledge and excitement with others!

What makes a great MVP?

  • You are excited and knowledgable about Xperience by Kentico
  • You are also interested in topics like digital marketing, content modeling, web development, or AI technologies and the coming AI revolution (or apocalypse 😅)
  • You like to help others and share that knowledge (ex: blogs, Q&A, social media, videos, meetups, conferences)
  • You want to work closely with Kentico to understand our product strategy and provide us with feedback

If you feel like that describes (or could describe) you, let us know!