Google has confirmed that "internal documentation for Google Search’s Content Warehouse API has leaked". What this mean for marketers and SEO specialists? Do we change our strategy or were the things we knew about SEO right all along?

Search Engine Journal sources several experts who all seem to caution taking the leaked information as actionable information because so little context is know about how the information was (or even still is?) used in Google's search algorithm.

SEO specialists have long known that Google does not tell them everything about how their search algorithm works, because doing so would enable people to game SEO even more than they already do (or try to).

However, this "leak" seems to imply that Google has said one thing about the way that data and engagement are used as signals might not be accurate. To quote the Verge:

The leaked material suggests that Google collects and potentially uses data that company representatives have said does not contribute to ranking webpages in Google Search, like clicks, Chrome user data, and more.

The most immediate impact will likely be an eroding of trust that SEOs have for the things Google does say publicly about search, leading SEOs to diversify their optimization efforts across more search indexes (ex: Bing) and maybe experiment more to confirm things Google says on the topic of search.